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Lottie Animation

Create amazing animation with Lottie - A JSON-based animation file format that enables easy integration.

Lottie Animation

Lottie Animation, integrated within the Borax theme, enables captivating, lightweight, and scalable animations on your website. Utilizing the Lottie library, it brings seamless, high-quality motion graphics, accessible across devices. These JSON-based animations enhance user engagement and visual appeal without compromising performance. With Borax's Lottie Animation feature, elevate your site with dynamic, eye-catching visuals that leave a lasting impact on visitors.

Why you need
Lottie Animation feature?

Within the Borax multipurpose WordPress theme, Lottie Animation offers a compelling edge by elevating user engagement. Its dynamic, lightweight vector-based animations enhance visual appeal, attracting and retaining audience interest. With Lottie, your website gains interactive, high-quality animations, enriching the user experience, conveying complex concepts creatively, and ensuring a modern, captivating design that sets your site apart.


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