Smart Navigation

Dropdown Menu

Easily navigate site sections with Borax theme's intuitive dropdown menu, providing quick access to organized content and improved user experience.

How to create dropdown menu?

In the Borax theme, experience a versatile navigation feature with the Dropdown Menu. This intuitive design element enables organized and space-saving menus, allowing effortless access to various site sections. Users can access subcategories or pages with a single click, enhancing user experience and simplifying navigation. Customize and tailor dropdown menus to suit your website's aesthetics and improve user interaction.


Header & Footer Menu
Control from Customizer

Experience effortless customization with Borax theme's built-in Header & Footer Menu Control via Customizer. Craft unique site aesthetics by easily managing header and footer menus. Seamlessly configure layout, design, and content, empowering users to personalize their website's navigational elements for a distinctive user experience.


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