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Enhance website visibility and rankings seamlessly with Borax's integrated SEO tool, without the need for additional plugins.

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SEO Settings control

Empower your website's SEO with Borax's intuitive control over index/noindex and follow/nofollow settings. Fine-tune search engine visibility by easily toggling indexing preferences for specific pages and managing link tracking. With these tools, optimize your site's search ranking potential, ensuring better control over how search engines crawl and index your content, all within the Borax theme's comprehensive SEO settings.


Content and SEO
Score Status

Enhance your Borax theme's performance with our Content and SEO Score Status feature, powered by an integrated SEO tool. Optimize your content effortlessly, boost search engine visibility, and elevate your site's ranking. Track and improve SEO scores, ensuring your content meets optimization standards, and aligns with best practices. Elevate your website's visibility and performance with our comprehensive SEO analysis and guidance.


Pro Tips

Unlock the potential of our Borax theme with expert insights using our built-in SEO tool. Pro Tips provide exclusive strategies to optimize your website's visibility, content, and rankings. Leverage tailored recommendations, keyword insights, and on-page optimization guidance. Elevate your site's performance and attract more traffic by implementing these advanced tips, enhancing your online presence effectively.


Seo Score Status

Evaluate SEO performance using Borax theme's integrated tool for score analysis

Readability Score Status

Easily assess content readability with our SEO tool in Borax theme.

SEO Settings Control

Manage SEO effortlessly using Borax theme's built-in control for optimal settings.

Keyword density

Optimize keyword frequency effortlessly using Borax's integrated SEO tool for analysis.

Syllables Count

Track syllable count for SEO optimization within Borax theme's built-in tool.

Coming Soon

Exclusive Borax theme introduces enhanced features, including built-in SEO tools.

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